Brainwave training, a scientific tool for transformation, is the quickest and most efficient way to access deep, profound meditation states that awaken the power and potential of the mind.

Whether you wish to relax and improve your health, enhance your creativity, or connect with your spirit, you will find in this unique combination of brainwave biofeedback and guided meditation an easy way to master your mind in order to master your life.

The high-performance mind enjoyed by creative, successful people is available to everyone. We invite you to read the research, watch a video, or listen to a meditation on the heart to journey into peace and personal fulfillment.

Our mission is to guide people to their inner wisdom and peace. Consciousness trainer Judith Pennington uses brainwave biofeedback meditation and hypnosis to transport people into profound states that heal and transform. Succeeding world authority Anna Wise, she is the only person in the world equipped to lead group brainwave trainings with up to 18 meditators hooked up simultaneously to her multichannel biofeedback device. Email us to inquire about practitioner training and the purchase of a Mind Mirror, the unique electroencephalograph that is the foundation of consciousness development and global mind research.

New Study on the Brain Waves of Reiki

Mind-expanding group retreats awaken and evolve awareness.

Individualized meditations heal, transform and awaken the mind.

Resolve issues and challenges with these EEG-tested guided meditations.